Core competencies

Technology research and development
◇ Cell development ability
Develop customized cell products suitable for different vehicle types and working conditions in the field of rail transit;
Module development ability
Develop and customize different types of modules for natural cooling, forced air cooling, liquid cooling and other performance requirements;
BMS development capability
Develop customized real-time monitoring battery voltage, temperature, current and other information, with battery status analysis, charge and discharge control, fault diagnosis and management functions of BMS battery management system;
Battery Pack system integration capability
Battery Pack system design, with lithium ion power battery PACK, battery management system, battery structure and electrical system integration capabilities.
Traction calculation
Research on the application technology of working condition simulation and dynamic feedback;
◇ System simulation
Combined with thermal simulation, structure simulation, liquid simulation and other multi-physical field coupling simulation technology;
◇ Thermal management technology
Set a variety of cooling technology (air cooling, liquid cooling, etc.) research and development applications;
◇ Strength analysis
High strength and low stress alloy material application technology development.

Production and manufacturing
◇ The largest intelligent manufacturing base of lithium battery system in China includes battery cell sorting and testing equipment line, module automatic assembly line, BMS hardware production line and battery pack system integration line? And so on.

?test and experiment?

Lithium battery monomer, module, system multi-level and full range of safety, performance comprehensive testing and certification capabilities.