Power supply for pure battery tram

Guangzhou Huangpu Tramway Project

High safety
Steady battery industry safety performance "top".
Excellent quick filling performance
At full power, it only takes a few minutes to charge and discharge!
Long cycle life
The cycle life of lithium titanate battery can reach more than 15,000 times at 0-100℃ SOC.
Good resistance to wide temperature
It can charge and discharge normally at -40℃ to 55℃.
Light weight
Compared with the cadmium nickel battery, a set of lithium titanate battery weight loss up to 25%.
Intelligent management
Intelligent warning function, real-time monitoring battery voltage, temperature and current, etc.
Environmental protection and pollution-free
Lithium titanate batteries do not contain heavy metals and will not cause pollution to the environment.
Post-maintenance free
No need for regular maintenance fluid injection and capacity recovery like alkaline batteries, reduce maintenance time by 90%.

Wenshan tram

The tram incorporates features such as the lotus leaf theme and ethnic costumes. The hybrid energy storage and power supply mode of 100% low floor and "super capacitor + lithium titanate battery *" is adopted for all vehicles. Each tram has 72 seats, a maximum capacity of 364 passengers and a maximum operating speed of 70km/h.
1. The line adopts the hybrid energy storage and power supply mode of "super capacitor + lithium titanate battery", bidding farewell to the traditional overhead line charging era. There is no overhead line in the whole section of the line, which greatly reduces the "spider webs" in the city air.
2. The lithium titanate battery power storage system manufactured by Beijing Beijiao New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is used as the range extension power supply for capacitor energy storage vehicles, which can increase the range, reduce the number of charging setting along the line, meet the requirements of the vehicles running in long areas and large ramps, and improve the response ability when the lines with independent right-of way are congestible.
3. The lithium titanate power battery with the characteristics of fast charging and discharging and long life can effectively meet the demand of frequent charging and discharging, improve the operating efficiency, and at the same time, there is no need to replace the battery, which greatly reduces the life cycle cost;
4, high safety performance of lithium titanate, from the source to eliminate the power battery overcharge, spontaneous combustion and other safety risks, to ensure the safety of public places.

Changzhou tram project 

It is used for lines without catenary, charging mode at the first and last stations is used, and the investment of the line is less;

High power lithium titanate battery is used to provide rate discharge at minus 20 degrees centigrade and high safety and reliability; 

Light weight, large instantaneous output power, meets the emergency traction needs, and high brake feedback energy absorption;  

Redundant control is provided, and low speed running can be provided in case of failure of one pack;

The battery system has an effective energy storage capacity of 150 kWh, and the rated voltage of 750V. 

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