Power supply for engineering vehicle

Lithium titanate battery provides power support for Shaanxi Coal No. 2 dual source locomotive
The lithium titanate battery system manufactured by Beijing Beijiao Xineng Technology Co., Ltd. has the following characteristics:
Safe and reliable: zero-strain lithium titanate material, from the source to ensure the safety of lithium titanate energy storage system; The stable three-dimensional crystal structure greatly ensures the safety and stability of the charge and discharge process. In the extrusion/needle/drop/overcharge/discharge/short circuit and other safety tests, lithium titanate battery will not appear the phenomenon of fire and explosion.
Long cycle life: The cycle life of lithium titanate battery can reach more than 15,000 times under the condition of 0-100℃ SOC.
Low temperature performance is good: normal charge and discharge at minus 40℃.
Green environmental protection: improper disposal of waste batteries will cause environmental pollution. Beijing Beijiao New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. evaluates the battery life through professional means. For the "dead" batteries, it will carry out the reuse assessment and process the batteries that can be used in stages.
Maintainment-free: traditional acid and alkaline batteries as rail transit vehicle batteries need to be regularly weighed and electrolyte added to maintain the capacity of the battery in the process of use, while lithium titanate batteries do not need to add electrolyte, to avoid the trouble of late maintenance.
Intelligent management: Compared with traditional batteries, the intelligent battery management system developed by BJCC Xineng can protect and detect devices, and has the advantages of real-time monitoring/timely detection of anomalies/early reporting.

CRRC Datong Power Battery Traction Metro Engineering Vehicle Project 

It provides dynamic traction for rail traffic engineering vehicles;

The battery can be used in the power free section, the battery can provide continuous high power output, and the energy is recovered when brake is applied;

No fuel consumption and smoke emission, low noise, high efficiency, and simple maintenance; 

The battery system has an effective energy storage capacity of 300kWh, and the rated voltage of 750V. 

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